Do you face challenges
accessing land?

  • Get timely access to
    land to realise projects

  • Reduce work

  • Implement a robust grievance
    resolution process

  • Provide current and
    projected spendings in the
    communities to CFO

  • Prove evidence of engagement
    and landowner agreements to

  • Increase performance of
    community relations and land
    access teams

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We are
Land Access experts

Successful land access and resettlement
on time, within budget.

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On the Ground Services

We support your field operations

Our on-site experts and partnerships with projects in resource countries provide leadership, coaching, and manpower. Capacity-building for community engagement, asset inventories, land surveying and compensation campaigns.

  • Consultation, Negotiation
    and Grievance Management
  • Delineation of land ownership
    and usage rights
  • Compensation distribution



Plan and budget land access activities, define compensation rules, and capture field data. Deliver agreed compensation package to the right landowners on time. Reduce data processing and maximise high quality outputs.

Fully integrated

An integrated land access solution to provide
your operations peace of mind

Boréalis OTG
  • Engagement
  • Registration
  • Land Survey
  • d Compensation distribution
  • d Local content
  • d Capacity building
  • b Risk level
  • c Profit
  • c Reputation
  • Engagement
  • Registration
  • Land Survey
  • d Compensation
  • d Distribution
  • d Capacity building
  • Respect
  • Share-value creation
  • Roadblocks


  • Robust land access

  • Secure solutions to prevent

  • Quality reports and maps for
    all impacted people and

  • Mitigation strategy against
    project disruptions

  • Skills development programs for
    community relations
    and land access teams


  • Timely access to land

  • Minimimal project

  • Positve response
    from communities

  • Increase in profits

  • Easier access
    to information

  • Smooth implementation of
    land access strategy

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Our proven results

Limit the impact
of critical paths

A client had to compensate nearly 12,000 stakeholders who were dispersed on 2,000 hectares in just over 6 months. Project stakeholders received compensation on time and construction of the project's infrastructures went according to schedule.

Gain better control
of expenses

Inaccurate ground surveys of a project led to the overlapping of land plots and duplicate payments for the same piece of land. Thanks to the quality assurance of the Boréalis software, the duplicate payments ended and the client gained better control over expenses.

Improve resource allocation

A client's contractors couldn't confirm land settlement but still sent equipment on-site. Turned out settlement was incomplete and contractors had to leave. The implementation of the software with its interactive map now provides operators an overview of land settlements in real-time and resources are dispatched accordingly.

Accelerate compensation process

A project's compensation process was taking 70 days from ground survey to compensation. The organisation of field teams combined with the Boréalis software reduced this process to 16 days within 6 months.

Eliminate roadblocks

Stakeholders held 2 demonstrations per week because they were unsatisfied with a project's compensation process. Consequences included delays and management expenses. The structure of on-site teams, a good community consultation process and thorough compensations put an end to demonstrations in just 6 months.

Access project status
at all times

A management team could not understand a compensation activity's status and was not able to access clear information to plan the project's budget. The management reports and maps integrated in the Boréalis software now offer the team a timely and accurate overview of the project's situation for better control of budget and resources.