Do you feel like you’re wasting time reporting on environmental compliance?

  • Centralize and structure all environmental data (all-in-one app to manage: air, water, etc.)

  • Map and measure your impact on biodiversity

  • Gain a better understanding of overall environmental issues

  • Reduce costs and delays of operations

  • Protect your assets from environmental and social risks

  • Measure your level of


We’ve been managing
environmental impact
for over 15 years

Enhance planning of your operations by including environmental impact assessment data.

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From report on the shelf to actionable data

Our proven results

Access real-time alerts
and notifications

Clients receive instant notifications by email or SMS when environmental thresholds are breached. Immediate corrective measure can be deployed to mitigate impacts. The overview of trends for all key indicators also makes it possible for clients to take preventive actions prior to non-compliance

Limit manipulation of
environmental data

Manipulation of data from various templates increases the risk of critical changes to information. With the Boréalis application, a client was able to simplify data management directly from the labs, with no intermediate.

Demonstrate impact
on biodiversity

A client demonstrated the positive impact of its project on surrounding ecosystems by tracking KPIs per species over several years. Centralization and monitoring of EIA baseline data in the Boréalis application simplified tracking of the evolution of endemic species and spatial distribution. Thanks to successful reporting and integrated GIS, the client was able to prove its positive impact on the area.

Ensure your next audit’s
success and compliance

A client had to demonstrate its compliance with governmental regulations and international standards (IFC, GRI, etc.) in order to access project funding from lenders. All the information monitored was already entered into the Boréalis application, therefore when auditors showed up they were simply granted an access to the system. Auditing data was quick and didn’t require the allocation of internal resources.

Access project status at
all times

A management team could not understand a site’s clearance progress and was not able to access clear information to plan the project's operation. The management reports and maps integrated in the Boréalis software now offer the team a timely and accurate overview of the project's situation for better control of budget and resources.

Replace spreadsheets with one integrated reporting tool

One client’s environment team was working with hundreds of spreadsheets saved onto a shared drive. They replaced this method with the Boréalis application and now all data can be accessed by team members in real-time, wherever they might be. Reporting on baseline environmental data with specific thresholds to governmental agencies is now simpler and legitimate.

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Also need to integrate social data?
It’s all good, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to environmental monitoring, our CSR software helps you deal with:

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On the Ground Services

We support your field operations

Our on-site experts and partnerships with projects in resource countries provide leadership, coaching, and manpower. Capacity-building for strategic planning, community engagement, investment plans and local business development.

  • Stakeholder engagement plans,
    consultations, negotiations
  • Issues management and
    grievance resolution
  • Strategic investment plans



Plan and budget stakeholder engagement activities and mitigate issues before they become grievances. Deliver sustainable community projects involving local businesses. Reduce data processing and maximise high quality outputs

Fully integrated

An integrated environmental and social solution to provide
your operations peace of mind

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  • Registration
  • Plan
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  • d Capacity building
  • b Risk level
  • c Profit
  • c Reputation
  • Engagement
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  • ESIA data
  • d Monitoring
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  • Respect
  • Share-value creation
  • Complaints